Hurley’s Journey Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3 seemed to go pretty smooth.

Hurley got down his ramp OK to go to the bathroom,  had a pretty good appetite, and pain seemed to be down a bit.

Even though the only time he went out was to go to the bathroom, he seemed to want to be up and about around the house which we tried to discourage but there is only so much you can do.

Day 4 definitely seems to hold a bit more pain in it.  He has started today with more whimpering and seems to be content with just laying down (which we are fine with).

4 thoughts on “Hurley’s Journey Day 3 and Day 4”

  1. Lookin’ good there Hurley! I would say that you’re probably sore from working muscles you’ve never had to work before. Take it easy and let your peeps spoil you, there will be plenty of time for gettin’ crazy when you’re healed.

  2. Hi Hurley! Like Jerry said, take it easy big guy. I know it’s hard, but there will be lots of time after recovery to follow your mom around the house. Right now, just find a comfy spot and be lazy.

  3. Thanks all so much for the comments and encouragement. Truly you understand going through this for the first time, with no “owners manual” so I can’t express how helpful it is to read posts and also with the personalization to our big boy.

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