Day 7 and can’t wait for Day 14! :)

Hurley actually laid and slept on his wound today which freaked me out when I saw him.  I let him sleep but was worried for the moment he tried to get up.  He whimpered a bit but I was happy to see him get up on his own from that position.  Most of the comfort problems have been from only being able to sleep on one side.


The hardest part for us is watching him be so melancholy or depressed when he is normally such a happy, goofy guy.  I know he’ll come back but getting through this portion is tough to watch.


Thanks again to all for your support, suggestions and empathy!


John, Alana, and Hurley

7 thoughts on “Day 7 and can’t wait for Day 14! :)”

  1. Don’t mistake the effects of pain meds for “depression” … try to set a healthy example for Hurley by remaining a strong calm pack leader. Take things one day at a time and he’ll be surprising you before you know it. Thanks for the update.

  2. Oh yeah!! welcome to the 2 week recovery rollercoaster! He will be back to his happy goofy self soon enough. Its so hard not to label our pups with human emotions (depression).
    Hurley will be up and around before you know it. Stay pawsitive!

  3. the drugs are awful….glad hurley can now sleep on both sides, it’s part of the healing process. stay the course, it just takes a while!!

    charon & gayle

  4. If Hurley wants to sleep on his “ouchie,” trust him to know whether or not he will be comfortable doing it. If he’s okay with sleeping on it, you should be too. As for the “depression,” admin-guy is right — could just be the meds. Could also be that he’s picking up on your worry, and instead of relaxing and healing, he’s worrying about you.

    Amputation is major surgery! Hurley needs rest and positivity and encouragement and confidence. And he needs you to provide these things for him. And if you can’t bring yourself to actually feel these things, SHINE IT ON! You’ll be surprised at how much better it will make both of you feel.

    Deep breaths,

    Rio’s mom

  5. Trying to sleep on the amp side…that’s a good sign! It means Hurley’s feeling strong enough to try that. Paws up for progress!

    Remember, celebrate the little things, it will go a long way in keepin your pack sane. Hang in there!

  6. He has made amazing progress in the last 2 days.
    2 days without pain meds as well.
    We are all tail waggin’!

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