First night out of the hospital

Not too bad, but not too great either.

Not a whole lot of whining or crying but just a dang hard time trying to get comfortable and figure out how to properly lay down with this new body.

Outside for 5 minutes at a time produces a couple hour nap today!

Today we are officially heading home which I think will make Hurley even that much more comfortable.

4 thoughts on “First night out of the hospital”

  1. Maddie was irritated the first week because her favorite side to lay on was her amputation side. But she got used to it and within about 10-11 days she was laying on that side again which equals happy camper!

    I bet Hurley will settle in and down a lot better when he gets home and in his own space. Glad to hear he’s doing well.
    There may be ups and downs, but it will get better!

    Maddie and I are keeping ya’ll in our prayers!

  2. Hey Hurley, hope they gave you some good doggie drugs to let you sleep on the ride home. I got my surgery 6 hours away from home and it was quite the ride for me! But I survived and I know you will too.

    I love your first pic as a Tripawd, BTW.

    Good luck this weekend, we’ll be thinking of you.

  3. y;es, you are entering hell week times two… but, imagine if someone loped off your leg, then expected you to hobble outside to pee the same day. it gets better, but it could get worse first. paws crossed for speedy recovery – plenty of medicinal napping recommended!!!

    charon & gayle

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