2 month check up and X-ray

Hurley went back to WSU yesterday for his 3rd Chemo treatment as well as X-rays.

His blood count ended up to low to do the Chemo but the good news is the X-rays were negative.  Keep fightin’ it big boy!

3 thoughts on “2 month check up and X-ray”

  1. good news in some ways Dizzy will be off for her first chemo on tuesday provided her blood count is ok

  2. geesh, bummer that you had to push back the chemo treatment – but YEAH that your xrays are clear!!! one step at a time, patience grasshopper…

    charon & gayle

  3. Oh drats! I’m sorry you didn’t get to knock out that round but hey clear x-rays are nothing to sneeze at! Yaaah Hurley! Can’t wait to meet you on Sunday.

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